Areas of Practice

Family Law Property Disputes

JosephDavid Lawyers practice primarily in the area of Family Law Property Disputes, for both married and de facto couples seeking a property settlement and/or spousal maintenance.

  • Highly Rated Experts
  • Fixed Price Costs
  • PEXA transactions

Financial Agreement Family Law

Known in Movies or TV as ‘Prenups’ or ‘Prenuptial agreements’, the documents which intend to set out how each party’s assets are to be divided in the event of separation are recognised under Australian Law as ‘Financial Agreements’.

  • Highly Specific Requirements
  • Transparent, Fixed Fees

Parenting Disputes & Child Custody

JosephDavid Lawyers are experts in Family Law Parenting and Child Custody disputes. Together with Family Law Property disputes, this is our main area of legal practice as Family Lawyers.

  • Parenting Orders/Custody Arrangements
  • Parental Responsibility
  • Fundamental Principles

Wills and Estates

JosephDavid Lawyers are experienced in drafting effective Wills and Powers of Attorney documents, Estate Administration, securing a Supreme Court of Victoria grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.

  • Last Will and Testament
  • Powers of Attorney

Deceased Estates

If a person passes away after having executed a valid Will, the next step is to apply to the Supreme Court of Victoria for ‘Probate’ of the Will.

  • What Is Probate?
  • What If There was no Will?
  • Administration Stage

Criminal and Traffic Law

JosephDavid Lawyers have extensive experience in low-level (also known as ‘summary offences’) criminal charges, from theft to assaults, to traffic matters from drink-driving to dangerous driving offences.

  • Contest or Plead
  • Traffic or Drink Driving Charges
  • Expert Barristers

Business Lawyers

We have extensive experience in acting for both purchasers and vendors of hundreds of small business, liquor-licence associated businesses, and even larger business sales, with ASX-listed entities.

  • Purchasers
  • Vendors

Bank Guarantee Review

Bank Guarantees are documents required by the Banks to be signed by non-borrowers to a loan, who have accepted responsibility for the due performance of the loan agreement by the borrowers.

Contract Review

Contracts, are in essence, legally enforceable agreements. If a contract is not binding, it is essentially useless. Contracts require a number of specific legal matters to be binding on the parties.

Civil Litigation

JosephDavid Lawyers are highly experienced, highly rated and high quality civil litigation lawyers, from Supreme Court Creditor’s Statutory Demands (both applying for and setting aside such applications) and Winding Up applications to County Court or Magistrates’ Court litigation for breach of contract or statutory protections and VCAT Domestic Building disputes.

  • Expert Counsel and Barristers
  • Fixed Prices


At JosephDavid Lawyers, we charge a fixed-price for Divorce Applications for our professional costs, as follows:
$990.00 incl GST for Divorces where there are no children;
$1,320.00 incl GST for Divorces where there are children of the marriage;

  • Grounds for Divorce – Section 48
  • Separation Under One Roof – Section 49
  • Periods of Attempted Reconciliation – Section 50

Consent Orders

At JosephDavid Lawyers, we charge a fixed-price for Consent Order Applications for our professional costs, as follows:
$3,800 for Property or Parenting Orders
$4,400 for Property Orders requiring a superannuation split.