Expert Counsel and Barristers

We team up with Barristers who are highly regarded experts in their fields so that you always have expert legal analysis, representation and assistance throughout your civil litigation and Court proceedings. We aim to resolve your matters at the earliest possible stage through alternative dispute resolution methods and mediation so that you can get on with doing what you do best – focussing on your business!

Moreover, we always keep you in the loop, so that you remain fully informed and aware of the progress of your matter. We do so through prompt, clear communication and regular email, phone, in-person or SMS updates for every correspondence sent or received and at every major stage.

Fixed Prices

Whilst the nature of litigation is invariably uncertain, and there can never be any guarantee of a particular outcome, we do our best not to add to your stress by charging a Fixed Price for each stage of the dispute, so you’ll know exactly how much your legal fees will be, upfront.

Having this information is also very useful in considering and proposing offers of settlement, to wrap up the litigation and help you move on with your business.

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Accredited Specialist Family Lawyers

We do our very best to ensure that your best interests remain our priority and to hopefully add you to the list of our glowing client reviews.